List Management

At Pinnacle List Company, we work directly with our list owners to understand their long and short term goals; whether to maximize revenue, access exchanges, or foster both simultaneously.

Combining our industry experience and expertise with our list owner's unique insights about their donors and members, we are able to determine new and innovative ways to increase the marketability of our managed lists. For our exchange lists we partner with our clients and their list brokers, in order to build new symbiotic relationships.

How do you benefit?

Pinnacle's management staff has over two decades of combined experience in political and nonprofit list management. Each list is represented by a dedicated list manager, who handles all rental and exchange inquiries, as well as:

  • Continually promotes your list through several outlets
  • Provides your list instant access to an enormous network of potential renters
  • Protects your file from exploitation by monitoring seed mail
  • Pays your list revenue and provides you with customized revenue and usage reports
  • Maintains your exchange ledgers to ensure accurate balances and reciprocity

Pinnacle List Company currently manages over 35 list properties of varying size and source.

Managed Properties


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